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Occupancy Certificates

What is an occupancy certificate?

An occupancy certificate, also known as a “certificate of occupancy” or “use certificate,” is a document issued by the local government in South Africa that indicates that a building or property has been inspected and deemed safe for occupation.

  • In other words, an occupancy certificate is a formal approval from the government that a property is ready for use and meets all necessary building and safety codes.
  • Obtaining an occupancy certificate is an important step in the process of buying or leasing a property in South Africa. It provides assurance to the buyer or tenant that the property has been constructed to the required standards and is safe for habitation. In most cases, a property cannot be occupied without a valid occupancy certificate.

Different certification services within the Occupancy certificate

- Occupancy Certification Services
Architectural plans / drawings
Council plans/ submissions
Plan approvals (Council submissions plan approval)
Where applicable, the following approval certificates might be required with your application:

— Electrical Compliance

— Mechanical Ventilation System Compliance

— Roof Construction Compliance

— Structural System Compliance

— Fire Protection System Compliance

— Fire Installation Compliance

— Energy Efficiency Compliance

— Glazing Certificate

— Plumbing Compliance Certificate

any other certificate for which a rational design was required for the approval of the building plan

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