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Commercial Project Case Study

Cape Town Call-Centre

Scope of


For this office renovation, there was already an existing structure and they required a renovation. The client’s
vision for the renovation included the creation of an open-plan office layout, the establishment of executive
offices, and the incorporation of an entertainment area. To achieve the desired aesthetic, the office was
designed to resemble a futuristic “spaceship.”
Despite the constraints of a tight three-week timeline, our team successfully executed the project, delivering a
premium level of service and ensuring the project’s completion on schedule.


  • Electrical systems upgrade
  • Floor finishing installation
  • Supply and installation of furniture
  • Interior finishes and custom joinery
  • Coordination of all trades and services throughout the renovation process
  • Premium quality painting services
  • Refurbishment of existing walls
  • Design and execution of a customized boardroom desk


  • Client: Call Centre (Cape Town)
  • Location: City Centre, Cape Town
  • Size: **
  • Time: 3 weeks (August 2022)
Medium (R 200 000 - R 500 000)
  • Tight Deadline (3 Weeks)
  • Loadshedding
  • As it is a renovation, we needed to incorporate existing features and areas in our design.
  • Stringently vetted and reserved all suppliers in advance.
  • Collaborated with trustworthy contractors and suppliers with proven track records.
  • Operated around the clock, including weekends, to meet project deadlines.
  • Executed a meticulously planned schedule to ensure efficiency.
  • Prioritized time management to stay on track and deliver on time.
  • Employed effective project planning and space planning techniques.
  • Utilized 3D renders to visualize and optimize the utilization of existing structures.

Wow the space looks so amazing! im so glad we worked with First Gate on the project, now me and my team can work in the best conditions for optimal work purposes. Im so glad my company went with First Gate for the Office Renovation. This has made coming to work so much better for me and my team, I highly recommend using First Gate.

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