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Commercial Project Case Study

Callpay Cape Town

Callpay is a FinTech company Based in Cape Town.

Scope of


This project called for more than mere renovation—it demanded a complete transformation. The objective for this renovation was to craft an atmosphere that exuded modernity and technology, capturing a trendy, tech-forward aesthetic that resonated with CallPay’s innovative and company culture. The scope of the fitout extended beyond the interior. In addition to the workspace, the project included the
creation of a vibrant rooftop environment, complete with a dedicated braai area and entertainment space. This multifaceted approach to the fitout envisioned a dynamic office environment that catered not only to work but also to the well-being and enjoyment of the CallPay team. It featured amenities such as television facilities and a dedicated foosball area, fostering a vibrant and engaging workplace culture.


  • Electrical, data, and specialized mood lighting installation.
  • Glazing and drywall partitioning.
  • Floor finishing.
  • Plumbing services.
  • Supply and assembly of furniture.
  • Interior finishes and joinery.
  • Coordinated management of all trades and services throughout the office fitout.
  • Premium-quality painting.
  • Carpentry work.
  • Construction of cabinets in both dry and wet kitchen areas.
  • Design and execution of a customized boardroom desk.
  • Creation of a distinctive feature wall.
  • Space planning and project management.
  • Supplying and maintaining office plants.
  • Construction of confidential meeting areas and quiet spaces.
  • Establishment of a private room.
  • Development of an exterior breakaway area (rooftop).
  • Integration of art within the tech-inspired design.


  • Client: Callpay
  • Location: Blouberg, Cape Town
  • Size: **
  • Time: September – October 2022
Medium ( R1 500 000 - R2 000 000)
  • Tight Deadline (2 Months)
  • Could only operate after 8-6/ office hours.
  • Loadshedding
  • As it is a refurbishment, we needed to incorporate existing features and areas in our design.
  • Reserve all of the suppliers
    • Trustworthy contractors & suppliers
  • Working around the clock & over weekends
    • Carefully planned schedule
    • Time management
  • Effective project planning and space planning. Using 3D renders to see how we’ll use existing structures.

What can we say about working with such an amazing company like First Gate. Every question we asked they answered with the utmost respect. Working with them to create the best possible office fitout has been a dream. They came to use with a vision and executed it perfectly. Thanks First Gate!

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