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Commercial Project Case Study

Call-Centre Cape Town

Scope of


At the heart of this project was the company’s vision to create a workplace that feels like a second home. Recognising the importance of employee well-being, they aimed for a cozy, engaging environment. The addition of a games and lounge section is a testament this commitment, offering staff a place to relax, recharge, and grow connections amongst employees. Crucially, all renovations had to be completed within a week, ahead of the clients’ scheduled move-in, demonstrating our ability to deliver exceptional results under tight deadlines.


Creative Enhancements

  • Supplied and fitted wall art to invigorate the workspace.
  • Managed the project to ensure seamless execution.

Efficient Planning

  • Devised an office layout that maximizes space utility.
  • Employed strategic space planning for optimal workflow.


  • Client: Call Centre (Cape Town)
  • Location: Century City Business Park
  • Size: 230 sqm, with a medium budget and a tight 1-week deadline.
  • The quick turnaround required efficient coordination.
  • Preserving the space's character while updating it posed a unique design challenge.
  • Addressing unforeseen plumbing issues without delaying the project.
Our team's innovative approach and meticulous planning turned these challenges into a revamped call centre that blends functionality with their existing aesthetic.

"The space looks incredible! I'm thrilled we partnered with First Gate for our project; now, my team and I can operate in the ideal conditions for peak performance. Choosing First Gate for our office renovation was a fantastic decision. It has significantly improved the work experience for both me and my team. I strongly endorse First Gate for anyone considering similar projects."

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